Re: [sap-log-mm] What Are the New Features in SAP MM ECC 6.0

Reply from Deepak K. Mehta on Feb 28 at 2:09 AM

It's too vast a subject for anyone to respond.


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Subject: What Are the New Features in SAP MM ECC 6.0

I have SAP R/3 4.7x110. We are about to implement SAP ECC 6.0.
I need to know what the are features available inR/s 4.7 for MM. For what I can see only the basic features have been enabled in MM R/3 4.7 like
(i) creation of material
(ii) PR & PO
(iiI) RFQ
(IV) reservation
(V) service entries

I need to do a comparison of the features that can be implemented in MM with ECC 6.0 and what can be achieved concerning MM in ECC 6.0.

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