RE:[sap-log-mm] Occurs Error message when create subcontract P/O

Posted by Hashaam_Waheed
on Oct 21 at 7:49 AM
Good job Mr. Kaashif. This error message usually occurs because of problem with the GL, either tally you GL with the GL which does not give you this error.

In t-code: FS00 go to the Create/Bank/Interest TAB and tally the Field Status group variant.

If anybody gets this kind of message or Error Message SE 117, then s/he needs to check whether this G/L or Cost Element is assigned to the Company Code or not. Also check whether a Cost Center is assigned to the cost element. Usually the Shipment Cost Error "Account Assignment F" occurs because a Cost Center is not assigned to the error throwing Cost Element. Also tally the Field Status Group setting .. this is the place where SUPPRESS/Req.Entry/Opt. Entry

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From: kaashif
Sent: Sunday, April 23, 2006 10:36 AM
Subject: Occurs Error message when create subcontract P/O

hey the problem is is the comparison of fields that has given a just go to the relevant G/L account (fs00) check the field status group assigned to it and then go to spro-img-financial accounting-financial accounting global settings-document-line item-controls-maintain field status variant(you shd know the field status variant assigned to your company code)- select the field status variant- go to field status groups-select the field status group assigned to G/L account - double click on for the relevant field in the list and make it optional/required/suppressed as per your requirement....and there you are.....your problem is solved!
some small MM consultant

kaashif m

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