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Have you tried "Acceptance at Origin"? It was introduced in ECC6 to meet the requirements of ownership of (and payment for) goods at the departure point. You set it by purchase order item. The first goods receipt takes the product into valuated blocked stock and allows the invoice to be paid. The second receipt moves the item out of blocked stock.

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Subject: MIRO Invoice Processing for In Transit Stock

We have a new implementation. Our business sources parts from overseas and imports them generally via Ship. On notification from our supplier/shipping agent we create an inbound delivery and Goods Receipt (MIGO) the stock on a 107 movement (In transit, blocked stock). Immediately after this we need the suppliers invoice entered as it falls due before the items are physically receipted into the warehouse on a 109 movement (via a WM Transfer Order process).
The current setting for MIRO processing does not recognize the Inbound delivery number until the items are physically received on the 109 movement - should this be changed? Is this the best option?
The alternative is to process the Purchase Order number and auto-load the line items from the PO. The problem here is the sheer volume of line items returned.
We know the PO # and Line item for each line of our suppliers invoice, however there appears no fast way of entering this specific data except by copy-pasting 8 line items at a time into the selection box alongside "1 Purchase Order/Scheduling Agreement" field. Is there an easy way to paste in a list from excel to load the MIRO screens? Thanks.

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