[sap-log-mm] ME21 Error in Net Price Calculation

Question from flower123 on Jan 31 at 8:35 AM
Good day experts,

When the user is trying to save the purchase order he gets this error:
ERROR on ME21 Error in net price calculation, item 000010
There is no currency difference and the unit of measure is correct, the net price is not negative either. We do not know how to fix this error. Please advise if you came across this already. We are using a payment term NP12. Which will calculate a settlement discount of 2.5% of net price.

When we click on the error message for more detail its gives this response.
Error in net price calculation, item 000010 (Please correct)
Message no. 06213
Possible causes:

The net price is negative.
Check the prices and conditions entered.
An error has occurred during currency translation.
Check whether the foreign currency is defined in the system.
The unit of measure of an item is not allowed.
Check the units of measure entered.
An internal error has occurred during the price determination process.
A mandatory condition type is not defined in the system. Please contact your system administrator.
Thanking you in advance
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