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I am not sure what you mean by split valuation. Can you please explain what you mean?

Another related question, in general (best business practice) what accounts are touched by the system when doing a return to vendor using 161 movement type?

Additionally, we have a scenario, where the parts will be returned to us fixed, or replaced with same part...sometimes there is additional cost, sometimes it is without additional cost. How would current/vanilla settings work with these scenarios?

We were going to generate two different line items on a Returns PO - LI 0010 will house the returned part with return indicator checked and free issue identified. LI 0020 will house the part that comes back from the vendor to replace the bad part, with either free issue identified (no additional cost) or additional cost assessed for the net price on the line item details for 0020.

Your assistance is greatly appreciated.

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Subject: Effect of Vendor Return on MAP

Hi Experts !
Whether effect of vendor return should hit material MAP or it can be transfer to any other account like consumption/ price change?
We have some material with MAP 100, but due to vendor return of that material @ Rs 80 (original procurement price from him ). Our MAP raise to Rs 1500. differential amount of Rs( 20 * return qty ) load on remaining stock. This will creating problem in product costing & stock valuation.

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