[sap-log-mm] Errors when running MEB4 - Rebate Settlement

Posted by svetlanasunny
on Nov 9 at 10:17 AM
Hello Gurus, When I run MEB4 - rebate settlement I got the following errors: E 611 Acct determination for AG1 with keys not defined in ch/acts E 236 Error messages generated during billing document check run E 147 Account determination for entry COKE AG1 not possible E 043 Error in account determination for account key AG1 However I have maintained OBYC already for CoA COKE and transaction AG1 using: - valuation modificator - valuation class - Account ( no Debit/Credit in the Rules ) Posting keys are 89 - debit and 99- credit. The rebate cond.type is included in the scheme, has status Active, based on Percentage,calcul.class is :Expense reimbursement. The requirement is that the rebate settlement post the difference between PIR and rebate agreement to material account and thus to update the inventory account per valuation class. I've tried with Transactions B01 and B02 ( even though I can not set up accounts per Valuation class,which is the target,so B01 / B02 does not
work for me) in OBYC and I always get the same Acc.determination messages during MEB4. Please,advise,what could be the issue and what is still missing ! Seems the errors are misleading...Thanks and regards, Svetlana
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