RE:[sap-log-mm] Goods Receipt via Shipment

Posted by Antoniop490
on Nov 10 at 9:39 AM
Hi Sash,

That was my idea, and should be great but I do not see the possibility to convert a shipment into an inbound delivery.

Can you give me details?


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From: Antonio Pascual
Sent: Friday, November 04, 2011 11:36 AM
Subject: Goods Receipt via Shipment

Dear gurus,

I have an issues with the stock transfers deliveries.
When we ship to other warehouse we are picking materials from many POs opened.
Sometimes can be up to 18-20 deliveries at the time.
In order to merge all we create a shipment (VT01N).

Problem is at the time of doing to goods receipt (MIGO or MB01) I have not found the possibility to put the shipment in order to get all the materials at once.

We are forced to put one by one all the deliveries, and that is a really tough job.

Is there any possibility to call the shipment or to convert that shipment into an inbound delivery?

Many thanks in advance.

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