[sap-log-mm] MIR6 is not Selecting Correct PO - Error Message M8 095

Posted by Jackie Watkins
on Oct 6 at 4:10 AM
We have an issue (occasionally), when attempting to process parked documents. I am informed that this does not happen all the time, but is getting more and more frequent. We are using MIR6 to match deliveries to parked documents. I run my listing based on Vendor code and select the relevant parked document from the list. I enter the delivery note number in the correct field on the PO reference tab and hit enter. I get a list of 4 PO's (all different vendors), where the 2nd one in the list is the PO that I want. I highlight that line and enter. I then get an error message (M8 095) that states "currency entered differs from currency XXX in PO XXXXXXXXX", where the PO number given is the 1st one in the original list., not the 2nd that it should be.

The invoice that I have parked is raised in EUR. The associated PO (2nd one in list) is created in EUR. The PO that is being selected (even though I highlight the second one - my system selects the first one) is created with GBP. Neither PO has a fixed exchange rate in the PO header. We have changed message M8 095 to a warning message for some users (ie supervisors), but want to keep the message number as an error (for when it works properly), but my main issue is not the message - it is the fact that it is selecting the wrong PO.

Can anyone help. I have posted in some other forums, but we have still not managed to resolve it. I am not even sure if I am in the correct group or whether I should have posted this in accounting (but cannot post twice)

Fingers crossed, and regards

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