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Posted by Rob6387
on Oct 1 at 9:16 AM
Ok mate thanks i think i'll just stock plus the qty on
in the deep end at the min COGI has risen to over 3,000 entries :( which is never a good thing. Just out of curiousity do you know what COGI stands for? i think it Cost Of Goods Issued but i have no idea what it really is :)

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Subject: Deleting a COGI entry

In our environment, we can delete COGIs merely by selecting the line and clicking on the trash can icon. It is managed by authorizations so it is possible it is not available to you, but it could be. However, I don't recommend it because there is no trail, the record is indeed deleted (unlike a lot of other "deleted" data in SAP). If this is an isolated case and you are aware of all the inventory implications and have taken that into account, you can just delete them. The only way I know of to determine that a COGI was deleted is a careful analysis of every production order containing the material and looking for a missing quantity consumed (consumed less than the the GR quantity, accounting for scrap factors, etc). There is an OSS note (309050) regarding a table that can be activated in which deleted COGIs would be stored for future reference but SAP says it has a detrimental affect on system performance. If you think you would ever make a practice of deleting
COGI's, at least check that out.

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