Re: [sap-log-mm] Make the Unplanned Freight Posted to Material Cost

Posted by kalyan (MM Consultant)
on Oct 1 at 9:22 AM
Dear HT / ALL

How to handle these 2 scenario. Please


For Unplanned delivery cost, Freight Vendor is different from the Material
Vendor, then how shall we handle this scenario
Scenario-2 (How we will handle this scenario)

1) PO i maintained with both Material Vendor is ABC...and Frieght Vendor DEF
(maintained in PO) with some Price.
2) PO Sent to Vendor
3) GRN Posted
3) But real time, Freight Vendor (DEF) mentioned in PO may not in a position
to deliver the material, So another freight Vendor: XYZ is
ready to deliver the Material

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From: Ha Tran
Sent: Friday, September 23, 2011 11:25 PM
Subject: Make the Unplanned Freight Posted to Material Cost


Unfortunately, you have complicated unnecessarily your process simply to accommodate unplanned freight costs as far as I am concerned. It even results in more works / steps for your end users to do rather than making additional unplanned freight invoice posting via LIV process.


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