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Posted by PeterDahl
on Jun 25 at 12:39 PM
HT has a good point; we may be trying to solve a problem for a question that wasn't asked.
What is a repairable items and how do we identify it is quite different, and I'll chime in with my standard Six Sigma answer: it depends. What i a repairable item to me may not be such to someone else.
My solution to "How do I identify items that are identifiable" is one that I answered by adding a characteristic to classes that we consider repairable. As I recall, the Characteristic was "IS_REPAIRABLE" and possible values were "Y" or blank.

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Subject: What is the best way to Identify MRO Repairables

What is the better way to Identify Repairable MRO Inventory?

All of our stock is currently identified as Material Type HIBE and the only distinction to identify repairables is in the PO text. We have thought of changing to a REPR material type or using a different valuation class but we would now have to create new Material Numbers in either case. We thought about Material Group management but purchasing would now lose sight of the commodity type for potential negotiation leverage with suppliers at a later date. We thought about Storage Location which may work well for stocked material but I may have to find a different strategy for non-stock repairables.

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