[sap-log-mm] SAP WM Re-slotting Replenishment Problem

Posted by samuelreid
on Jun 25 at 3:04 PM

I have recently done a re-slotting exercise for some products in my warehouse, where I used SAP WM. I have given PICK BINS to some and Take away PICK BINS from others. I have edited the Material Master for both Products,
However for those that I have TAKEN the PICK BINS away from, the SAP WM seem to remember their original PICK BINS and trigger a replenishment to take back the products to their original PICK BINS albeit the storage location for the products are EMPTY OR BLANK in the Material Master.

I used LT15 to delete the replenishment TOs but they keep coming back in the queue....how do I get the system to stop generating replenishment TOs for the old BINS as this bin is no longer in the material master......
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