[sap-log-mm] Report of Material Documents Not Placed in Storage

Question from MEhab on Mar 15 at 6:42 AM
Hi Gurus,

Here's my scenario:
I have transferred some materials from my source storage location to another storage location (313) within the same plant; now how could the other guy in the destination storage location know if he has to place my document (315)? knowing that he wouldn't receive any paperwork of the transferred materials, and at the same time if he used mb51 (mat doc list) he will display all the mat docs, even if they were posted already..

I need a report that displays only material documents not placed in storage yet (open material documents if you get what I mean), or in other words mat docs that need further processing as placing in storage..

I searched through SAP standard reports, I don't think there's such a report, but I would like to hear from you as well :)

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