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If you need to restore to a previous posting period, please review SAP Note 487381 - RMMMINIT: Protection against unintentionial execution
Note Language: English Version: 26 Validity: Valid Since 24.04.2003
For period closing with initialization, the system displays a message
saying that period closing cannot be started.
Before you start period closing with initialization, you must be aware of
the consequences of period closing with initialization.This note describes
the possible data inconsistencies that might occur if you carry out the
initialization in a productive system.The resulting inconsistencies are not
to be traced back to a system error but they are a result of the period
closing program with initialization.
Hence, these inconsistencies can only be corrected within the
remote consulting purchased separately since normally you no
longer need to start the period closing program with
initialization in a release > Rel. 4. 5.

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Sent: Wednesday, August 14, 2002 4:42 AM
Subject: MM: How to change posting period

Hello All:

I try to entry other goods receipts by T-Code MB1C,
but the following error happend,

Posting only possible in periods 2001/09 and 2001/08 in company
code 1000

How can I change the posting period for company code 1000?



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