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Reply from ChrisO on Mar 16 at 10:28 AM
As Vinod M says, you cannot change UoM if you have movement history on the item, as this history would become meaningless - eg if your EA = 100KG then your history of say 1000 EA would appear as 1000KG, which is 100x too small. Either create a new code with KG as base UoM, or set an alternative UoM of KG against the existing material and, if necessary, use specific UoMs where required - eg Sales UoM, Production UoM, Warehouse UoM, etc.

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From: Krishna Joshi
Sent: Thursday, March 15, 2012 8:41 AM
Subject: Changing Base Unit of Measure


I have encounter one problem when changing base unit of measurement from EA to KG.I deleted all the Pos , PRs , Reservation and removed stocks also.
But still I am facing an error as per below:

The base unit of measure cannot be changed.
The reasons for this are:
Stocks already exist at the vendor's.

Material Plnt Batch S Vendor

100003361 1101 O CLS00307
100003361 1101 O CLT00056

I also transfer stock from Vendor's end to plant but it shows error as per above.
Please do helpful.

Thanks & Regards,

Krishna D Joshi

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