[sap-log-mm] How to Create A Transfer Order With A Different Unit Of Measure

Question from MikeKriley on Feb 16 at 9:20 AM
Our base unit if measure for raw material X is EA. We create a process order which has a requirement for raw X.

We use MB1A to do a 261 for raw X to the process order. This creates a delivery.

We use VL06O to pick the delivery. This creates a transfer order. This transfer order is always in the base unit of measuer which is KG.

In the WM1 view of raw X I have enterd in the "WM unit" field KG and the "Proposed UoM frm mat" L = WM unit of measure.

I have also tried it when I have entered in the "Unit of Issue" field KG and in the "Proposed UoM frm mat" field A = Unit of Issue.

I also have the alternate UoM created for raw X with 100 KG = 23,256 EA

For each of these, the T.O. is still in EA as oppose to KG.

Any ideas on how I can get my T.O. in a different UoM other than the base UoM?

Thanks in advance for any help.
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