RE:[sap-log-mm] How Can Budgeting and the PR Approval Workflow be Linked?

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First of all, since there is a change in price between PR and PO, any budget check validation at the time of PR creation won't actually be effective as the PR price is only maintained on the estimated basis. Secondly, the process of PR approval limit check shall be re-visited as instead of doing so, you should consider applying the system check to ensure the budget limit won't be violated.


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Subject: How Can Budgeting and the PR Approval Workflow be Linked?


We currently have PR approvals implemented.

Now we want to be able to integrate budget checks for cost centers and G/L accounts.

The catch is that according to the Delegated Financial Authorities of the company, the approval limits are dependent on where the item you are purchasing is budged it or not budget it.

For example, an approver has $100,000 limit, as long as he doesn't blow his budget. At the point he does blows his budget, his approval limit is then $50,000.

Any idea on how this can be accomplished?

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