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Reply from anamika on Feb 22 at 2:48 AM
Hello everyone,

Sorry to interrupt this thread. I am also facing the problem in Inter company STO. It's giving an error at the time of Billing for the Condition type VAT,CST and Octro, Error is that Tax code is not defined in TAXINN.
Could you please suggest me what could be the problem and how can rectify it?

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Subject: Billing for intercompany STO

Hi Experts,

I have been struggling to understand and solve an issue , finally thought some of you might throw some light.

We are doing inter company billing for intercompany STO.

I have done the necessary copy control settings, with price source - A (PO), pricing type - G (copy pricing elements unchanged)

Supply chain is using the price PB00 in the PO and since PB00 is not available in SD pricing, the intercompany billing doest determine the price.

I was wondering how can PB00 be available in MM and not in SD ? Do I need to create PB00 condition type in SD ?

Currently ourside is COPA is done for PR00, so billing side they want PROO condition also, if so how do i refelect the PB00 to PR00 also...

Can someone please help me ?

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