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Reply from ha_tran on Feb 8 at 5:56 PM
Hi Nely,

You should check in the setting via OME9 for your related account assignment category "A" that the "Distribution" field shall be defined correctly to cater for your business requirement.


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Subject: Assigned More Asset Numbers in PO Item Details


We have encountering error in MIRO process for an asset PO for multiple asset numbers assigned per line item. The MIRO screen already have defaulted a zero value not able to edit/change it.
The PO is an IR based. Normally it should be able to input the qty and amount of the invoice
PO line item1 - is 10 qty. (created 10 asset nos.)
We observed, in item1 detail tab "Account Assignment" the 10 asset numbers assigned. The system automatically defaults the Distribution on qty basis. It the system automatically calculates the percentage column (which in item4 has no percentage)
But, if an asset is only 1, the Distribution is defaulted to a "Single account assignment" and normally we can proceed IR transactions with no error encounter.

Question: Is the PO process is correct? What is the standard process for multiple assets assigned per line item? How can we proceed MIRO?

Thanks so much!


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