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Reply from Dave Thornburgh on Feb 16 at 6:57 PM
Mario -

The trouble you're having only really occurs when you're sending the data to Excel in comma-separated format. If you switch to Tab-delimited (DAT) format, then embedded commas will not throw it off at all. The alternative is to quote-enclose your text fields in the CSV output.


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From: Mario Sequeira
Sent: Wednesday, February 15, 2012 11:59 PM
Subject: Variant Article Description

Hi Paul,

I am not using any delimiters on purpose. What SAP does is truncate the full generic description, then adds a comma and then variant characteristic.

For example:
Original generic article desc: BUTTERCUP EGYPTIAN COTTON FACE WASHER
Variant info: YELLOW
SAP auto variant article desc: BUTTERCUP EGYPTIAN COTTON FACE WA,YELLOW (SAP disallows changing this auto description).

The comma that SAP introduces in the automatically generated variant article description causes problems when sent to Excel and the other systems, as they interpret the commas as a delimiter.

I was wondering if instead of the comma, we could specify that SAP uses a hyphen, colon or '>' etc.


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