Re: [sap-log-mm] How to Run Transaction MIAD or SARA

Reply from jeansagi on Feb 6 at 10:35 AM
I've run into this need too and I'm searching the net for documentation
on how to achieve this but unsuccessfully so far.

So, any help / documentation / tutorial / link /... on this topic would be
greatly appreciated (indeed).


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Subject: How to Run Transaction MIAD or SARA

It is a bit more involved than just running SARA for an archiving object. Your BASIS team need to have set up an area of disc for you to use to write the file to, and you have to set up the real and virtual paths as well as configuring the object before you can run the archiving and deletion process. To find which object to use, you can enter the table which contains the data to be removed and SARA will indicate which object(s) will take data from that table.

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