[sap-log-mm] Stock Transfer Order-Shipping Data Not Found

Question from pamela79 on Jan 3 at 10:12 AM
Hi, I am making an STO (same company code). I have added 4 line items in the STO.

For three line items, everything is ok. But when I added the fourth line item, the system gives an information message that sales org data and shipping data could not be found for the 4th line item.

And so I could not see the shipping data (consisting of delivery type, shipping point etc) tab for the 4th line item. For the first three items, the shipping tab exists.

The material for the 4th line item exists in both supplying and receiving plant and the material also exists in relevant sales org.

The outcome of the above issue is that the 4th line item is not copied to delivery with ref to STO!

Could any tell what is the config missing or what I need to do so that I have the shipping data for the 4th line item of the STO?

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