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Suppose a Finished Goods to be issued to vendor and there are 4 child part to be received from vendor after labor work.

Material 'A' is disassemble to the child parts B,C,D,E. Make a BOM for B having Raw material as A.
in BOM make Component C,D and E as the byproduct of B. Now make a Sub contracting PO for B, issuing the material A on 541 movement type. Value of the PO should be equal to the labor charges of Vendor.
Now, Receive material B on 101 against PO and material C,D and E on 543 mvt type as a byproduct.
This will reduce the stock of A, and stock of B,C,D and E will be updated.

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I am a manufacturer who wants to disassemble a machine and receive back the components from my subcontractor. How do I map this scenario in the system?


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