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Reply from Diane S on Jan 25 at 11:06 AM
Automatic reorder point planning rops, and ss in SAP are derived from "historical consumption", not the forecast.
It sounds like you're max order calculation is manually derived using "future forecast" data. Apples and Oranges?

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Subject: Max. Stock Level Below Reorder Point Error

Hi all,
I have this issue when I try to LSMW the max. stock level. Here are the conditions:
1. MRP type V2
2. Lot size HB
3. Reorder point and safety stock automatically calculated
4. max. stock level is manually calculated from derived forecasted basic value.(3 x basic value)
5. forecast model = G
6. historical prd = 24
7. Period ind = M
8. Forecast period = 12
After the forecast, I pull the data out SAP and do the max. stock level calculation and found that some materials max. stock level below the reorder point and some are just fine.
Below is sample of a material past consumption data, which fall below the reorder point.
Dec 2010 5
Feb 2011 100
and below is the sample result out of the forecast:
- reorder point = 28
- safety stock = 20
- service level = 90%
- basic vlue = 7.500
- MAD = 12

I tried to justify the reorder point and safety stock calculation manually using formula from here:
reorder point d/c2821c454011d182b40000e829fbfe/frameset.htm
safety stock a2e454011d182b40000e829fbfe/content.htm
but the result does not match the SAP output.

Does anyone know if the above formula is correct?
Can anyone help sort this out. Thanks

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