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Reply from VidhyaDhar on Jan 25 at 9:28 PM

In the first instance, let us be a bit more clear.

Don't you want to post transaction for any asset for this single
depreciation area? If so, then you could delete the depreciation area (
Please understand that deletion of depreciation area is possible if and
only if you have not created any asset master record at all for your
company code ).

Usually, people use the option of deactivating a depreciation area in
certain asset classes. You could try it to one / more / all asset classes
you intend to use. But please note that deactivating a depreciation area
happens at chart of depreciation level ( client-wide ) and may affect all
company codes using this chart of depreciation.

As far as I know, you can only manage to prevent posting transactions to an
asset. But prevent creating assets in selected depreciation areas? Have
not heard of it before!



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You need to repost this question in the SAP Accounting forum.


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