[sap-log-mm] Exchange Rate from Contract to Purchase Order

Question from joint79 on Dec 29 at 9:06 AM
In me31k I define currency eur, then I put manually condition at item level with currency usd.
In this way, I have the total amount of contract in EUR with the exchange rate USD/EUR (I define the exchange rate in OB08 EURX - USD/EUR)

In second step (few days later) i create a p.o. with reference a contract, in this case, if the exchange rate usd/eur is changed, the conditions are updated, but in my solution I need these conditions always take the reference of contract.

So, I don't want the updating of condition at new exchange rate USD/EUR, but is equal at exchange rate of the contract.

Is there a way to solve this problem?

I hope it's clear

thanks in advance

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