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As mentioned by mack007 it is a custom transaction and custom development. From what you mentioned - you do inforecord update therefore check your upload file - is your purchasing organization entered properly? Since EINE contains inforecord purchasing organization data so error is probably caused by wrong input of purchasing organization for line 355 of your input file or inforecord from line 355 contains only general data in your system (table EINA) and has not been extended for respective purchasing organization (table EINE) And since record in EINE does not exist it can't be updated. You have to create it in ME11 or by your custom program at first then you can update it.

If particular inforecord is extended reason could be also that you used in your file for update field values that are not supported.

If you are able to identify problematic inforecords, you can easy check one in ME12 to see the outcome for updated values - error or not. If everything is still OK then your ABAPer has to debug your program.


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I am trying to update our purchase info records via mass upload, and successful updated 6000. Now I am on the last leg and it is giving me an error message. Does anyone know what this error means?

Transaction 00000355: no processing of purchasing organization area possible

Transaction 00000355: data of structure EINE cannot be processed.


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