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Posted by s_pradeep2007
on Nov 11 at 5:09 AM
I am also facing the same problem. On my analysis I found that the value from the production order settlement that has happened in future from the date of the report selection date is getting summed up and added with the value of the valuated stock in MC.1 report, whenever it is executed with option standard or standard without distribution in the valuation frame. If it is executed with Material ledger active or currentprice the values are flowing properly.

Can some one please explain the reason for this behaviour and the difference between the effect of standard, standard without distribution, Material ledger and current price in the report?

Thanks in Advance

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Subject: Report MC.1 minus value

Hi all, i am running the MC.1 Report, i got minus value, when i check in MB5B the Receipts total and Issues total are balance. if i input the periode to analyze between 01.1995 - 03.2010 there are minus value from 1995, the material is been created in 2000. someone can explain me?

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