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Posted by toonvanbeek (Business Consultant )
on Nov 2 at 10:36 AM

Like Jayarapu mentions it is not a good idea to mis-use a certain field that has another purpose. The SAP description mentions:
External Material Group
Key that you can use to assign the material to an external material group or to a material group determined according to external systematic.
For example, you can store the CCG material group or Nielsen material group here.
Elso for external data synchronization purposes like GS1, 1SYNC etc etc this field is generally used to fill with the Global Product Classification.

It might be a better idea to use the product hierarchy for your the idea you are having. Product hierarchy is an internal matter.

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Subject: External Material Group for Internal Grouping

Hi all Experts,

We would like to make use the field 'External Material Group' at Material Master Basic Data 1 for another internal grouping purpose.

Are there any standard reports that will display this field? Or it is purely an information at the material master?

Appreciate your advice.

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