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Posted by ha_tran (Senior SAP Supply Chain Business Analyst)
on Nov 23 at 2:05 AM

Firstly, the process shall be reviewed and revised as it does not sound logical to me. Why wasn't invoice submitted directly to central location / team who will then scan and park the invoice in SAP (via MIR7) transaction. A standard workflow will then be configured so that the work item can be sent to the pre-defined person for verification and approval.


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Subject: Automation of Vendor Invoice

My client to scan the Invoice (once it is received from vendor), upload it in SAP, the User will look at the Invoice in SAP and then perform Invoice Verification in MIRO.

The Process mechanics is

1.Plant Manager will receive the Invoice physically by the vendor
2.Plant Manager then will fax the Invoice to a central location/Team
3.It gets scanned and gets uploaded in SAP
4.The Manager/FI folks will looked at this scanned copy and then perform
Inv. Verification.

After this I need to enhance the MIRO screen so that once PO or GR no will be entered,
then corresponding vendor invoice has to be displayed in same screen
Kindly can you give me approach to for the above requirement.

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