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Posted by gwleibniz
on Oct 26 at 6:50 AM
Yes, movement type 107 receives into valuated GR blocked stock, 109 releases from valuated GR blocked stock to unrestricted stock.

What is displayed in MMBE, are movement figures: "Dlv.Val.GR-BSt." (stands for "delivered") is the sum of all receipts with movement type 107 (minus reversals with movement type 108), "PDAcc.Val.GR-BSt." (stands for "accepted") is the sum of all receipts with movement type 109 (minus reversals with movement type 109). The balance of the two movement figures should be a stock figure: "Val. GR Bl. Stock".

The contribution of a purchase order item to these three figures will disappear as soon as the "Delivery completed" indicator is set for the purchase order item. This leads to the strange result that you can still have valuated stock (according to the valuation view of the material master) although MMBE will show a quantity of zero for all possible stock types. In my opinion, this is not properly designed by SAP. At least, it should not be possible to set a purchase order item to "Delivery completed", as long as there is still valuation GR blocked stock. In addition, a report would be needed that gives an overview of GR blocked stock per plant (with information on the purchase order items to which the stock is linked).

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Subject: MIGO Movement Type 107 & 109

What does MIGO movement types 107 and 109 do? I understand that 107 is valuated GR Blocked stock. However, if I perform that on a material from the material master, and I use transaction MMBE to see the status of that material in stock overview, it appears that movement type 107 places it in
"Dlv.Val.GR-BSt." and "Val.GR Bl.Stock"
My question is what does the above status do? When I do a movement type 109, it goes from Val.GR Bl.Stock and places it in:
while taking away from
"Val.GR Bl.Stock"
What does "PDAcc.Val.GR-Bst" mean?
Does "Dlv.Val.GR-BSt." ever go down?

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