RE: [sap-log-mm] Stock Transfer Between Two Projects with Single Step

Posted by chandreshkumargujar
on Nov 25 at 11:36 AM

We have working in the same situation but is standard way of SAP to transfer in one step only.please gives more details of your case it is not sufficient.

In mvt 415 q system will gives both option as issuing plant/store loc/wbs and receiving plant/store loc/wbs. We continuously use it.

Best Regards,
Chandresh Kumar Gujar

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From: vengalrao jalgam
Sent: Friday, November 25, 2011 9:39 AM
Subject: Stock Transfer Between Two Projects with Single Step

Hi All,

We have two plants and each plant as multiple projects. Some time it is required to transfer stock between two project which are of different plants. Currently we are using MOVEMENT TYPE 415Q , where stock transfer is done using 4 steps.

Our client is insisting to do it in SINGLE step. Please advice whether it is possible.

Vengal Rao.

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