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Posted by Hays2412
on Nov 24 at 11:57 PM

Yes you can do this

"I recommend completely removing S_ALV_LAYO from individual roles, and include it in the generic system role given to all users (the role authorizing printing, RFC, etc.) with the blank value as DISPLAY GLOBAL LAYOUT only.

Create a separate role just for S_ALV_LAYO w/ 23 (maintain) access, and only then assign that separately to head managers of department, etc. "



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From: Krishna Joshi
Sent: Thursday, November 24, 2011 11:13 PM
Subject: Default Layout

Hi Gurus,

One of my client has requirement to apply the default layout in MB51 report and it cannot be changed by other users.
Is there any authorization object to disable default layout?

Thanks & Regards,

Krishna D Joshi

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