[sap-log-mm] Condition Type NAVX

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on Oct 8 at 11:39 PM
I am trying to create a fixed amount input tax for PO line items. Client wants to enter use tax amount manually.Copied NAVS to NAVX without any access sequence. Condtions Class =D (Taxes), Calc type= B(fixed Amount), Cond. Catg=N (Input tax not deductible),manual entries= C(manual entries take priority),Checked fields Amount/Percent and Item condition. NAVX shows up as condtion for input in the PO, but entry in the field gets wiped out when value is entered. Condtion analysis says "Condtion has been found without condtion record". By the by condtion PBXX for gross price allows input without access sequence assigned to it. What am I missing? Any suggestion will be very helpful.
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