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Posted by gwleibniz
on Oct 26 at 3:18 PM
I think your approach will not work for third-party items. On the sales order, you would need a schedule line category that both creates a third-party purchase requisition (purchasing item category S) and is relevant for goods issue (movement type, e. g. 601). If you try to define a schedule line category like that, SAP will issue error message "Goods movements is not possible for third-party schedule lines" (V2 275).

The reason is that a goods receipt for a third-party purchase order item, if it is posted at all, is only "statistical", i. e. it does not update stock quantities. It does, however, update the purchase order history and, if it is valuated, creates an accounting document.

On the delivery side, if a goods issue for such an item is posted, it does not create a material document, but only an entry "Confirmation of service" in the sales document flow. Hence, if you need a material document in order to send the IDoc to the web application, this will not work for third-party items.

You may have to think about a different trigger for sending that IDoc.

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Hi Gurus,

I have a requirement whereby I need to manage some third party materials in our delivery process that we do not keep in stock in our plant. Please help as I'm new to MM.

How can I setup up these materials correctly? Once setup, how can I run post goods issue in the delivery process for 3rd party materials which I do not have stock for in the plant?

Customer will create sales orders in a web application which will then send the orders back to SAP via "Orders05-inbound"...

We create delivery docs automatically.

We use PGI step in delivery process to trigger an IDOC sending the delivery information back to the web application which will then perform:
1. Updates on the sales order 2.send comms to the customer. 3. Request payment for goods.

In the current setup I need to run PGI for every sales order in order to update the webapp. Especially when the orders only contain the third party materials and none of the standard stocked materials in the plant.

Any help is appreciated,


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