RE:[sap-log-mm] Purchase Order Printing (ME9F)

Posted by FranzF
on Oct 18 at 12:14 PM
Hello Luiz,

I would imagine you checked most of the suggestions in this post.
A few comments with regards to this post:
1) In message determination you've got 'Dispatch time' and 'Print time'
- Dispatch time: 4 = Process message immediately (e.g. it shows 'Green' in messages once the PO is saved). Dispatch time: 3 = Process with report, like ME9F
- Print time: If print immediately (in message details) is set the print job is processed IMMEDIATELY out of the spool queue (SP01). But it goes into spool.
2) The PO must be released. Please check...
3) In one of the previous posts it was mentioned print immediately WITHOUT entering spool. I can't see how the spool queue (SP01) cannot be filled. I'm not aware, that any print job would go immediately to the printer without spool. But I'm happy to learn new things...
So in a shorter version I would make sure, I've got an entry in 'Messages' (table NAST) with dispatch time 3. This should show in ME23N ==> Messages with amber traffic light.
And if it's 'Amber' you should see the PO in ME9F ==> Processing status is '0' Process first time.
Good luck.

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From: Luiz Huelsmann
Sent: Tuesday, October 18, 2011 8:06 AM
Subject: Purchase Order Printing (ME9F)

Hi experts,

I am experiencing problems with printing purchase orders. The output device is already configured as LOCL by SPRO but when I try to print at ME9F it is not printed or generated SPOOL.
Can anyone help me?

Luiz Huelsmann

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