RE:[sap-log-mm] Payment against a 107 movement type

Posted by gwleibniz
on Oct 26 at 7:26 AM
Yes, it is possible. If you book a goods receipt with movement type 107 for a purchase order item with GR-based invoice verification, you can post an invoice against that goods receipt. In transaction MIRO, a quantity and value of 0 will be proposed for that goods receipt, but you can enter different quantities and values manually.

While this is possible, I agree with the answers above that it probably does not make sense.

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From: Mat Barnes
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Subject: Payment against a 107 movement type

Hi all,

Is it possible to pay an invoice against a 107 movement type if the GR/IV flag is on. I thought as it was valuated you would be able to pay but all my testing is to the contrary. Is it because the 107 does not recognize quantity or is there a way of forcing it through MIRO?

Much appreciated

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