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Posted by siegsand (Managing Consultant)
on Oct 13 at 2:53 PM
I will repeat some of the above points and add my own.

1. How is it possible to have a moving average price for a material that is only bought once. Your denominator is 1. So requiring a MAP for a one time material is invalid.
2. Based on problem statement it is assumed this is not a Sales relevant material.
3. If this is a one time purchased material, and if it is consumed and not stocked (kept in inventory), then creating a material master is not needed.
4. One time materials are usually created as text items in the Purchase Requisition. There is no need to create a material master.
5. Typical applications for one time materials are Maintenance parts, office supplies, and construction materials. Best business practice is to order these as text only PR.
6. If a large part of these one time materials are to meet material requirements of Maintenance Work Orders, there is standard configuration to apply correct cost accounts automatically.

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We create thousands of materials in SAP a month that we only use once. We do this as we have to record the Moving Average Price. We create material, purchasing views, warehouse views, info record etc etc. It's high maintenance and I'm wondering if anyone can suggest a way around it?

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