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Posted by TOMAS_K
on Oct 29 at 6:58 PM
As SAP end users usually during Save layout have only option to save User specific layout. This layout is visible to you as end user only. You have to ask your super user or IT dpt who have authorization right to save also layouts which are not user specific and visible to all users. Then decide whether your layout should be default one or your colleagues will select it from Choose layout menu under layout name.
Hope it helps.

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From: koteshwara kumar
Sent: Saturday, October 29, 2011 12:32 PM
Subject: How to Share Layouts for Monthly Reporting

Hi all,

I am working as a SAP end user and a total of six members are reporting to me.

Right now we are using the SAP ECC6.0 version. I have created some layouts
for monthly reporting purpose.

For example: One Layout (FBL1L-ALL Currencies). Now I want to share the
layout to my six team members. How to share the layouts.

Your help is much appreciated.

Could you please provide me path so that we can share it easily?

Thanks in advance.

koteswara kumar

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