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Posted by PMassey48
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There is no easy way and there is no T-Code, although you could use transaction MASS, but this is very dangerous in that you have to ensure that you change all open items and take account of the change in any history. Alternatively you will have to have a specific routine written to download all related data and convert it to the new unit of measure before uploading all of the amended data (purchasing, BOM, sales, all history, etc.) - this is equivalent to a data take-on for that material.

The first thing I would ask is why do you need to change the basic unit of measure? You can always create an alternative unit of measure in the material master, and likewise have alternative purchase, sales, and stock units - you do this through MM01 or MM02 as appropriate in the material master and then in the purchasing database and in SD (if relevant) - remember that the purchasing and SD pricing databases are independent of the material master so you will have to validate those data sets.

If the use of alternative units of measure does not satisfy your needs then I am afraid that the safest way is to create a new material.

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Dear Sir,
I have maintain for some material Basic unit of measure as NOS in the material master and the issue of unit as KG.Now I want to change the basic unit of measure as M(Meter) for same item.Is this possible.If this how can I do this and what the T code will I use.

Amar Puhan

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