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Posted by bayonaw
on Sep 16 at 5:49 PM
For Unrelease P.O try this:
-me22->print preview
-click on print preview icon
-Go to-> list display

You can select which format to save the P.O using: system->list->save->local file or system->list->print for hard copy

Wilson Bayona

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you need to go into the edit mode of the PO using
nme22. then go to header -> messages and select the
output type which is unchecked. once checked, do a
repeat output. a new out put will come up. type in the
field and select that line, click on communication
method. type the printer name which has been
configured on the network, and press enter, next
select the two check boxes on that screen and again
press enter. save the PO and come out. now go to
/nsp01. press enter twice. you have the PO in text
form. select it and save it to a file. this will give
you the soft copy of the PO. you can now print it!!!


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> Hi,
> Check OMF6
> MJ
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> Hello Friends,
> How to Print a Unreleased P.O.
> Sometimes we may have to check with the hard copy of
> P.O.
> Pl Let Me know
> M.Murugesan

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