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Posted by vsrimanna
on Sep 6 at 3:51 AM
1) Use transaction ML81N to view the Service entry screen. Now double click on the on the top right corner of the table control .

2) Now, Click on the ' Administrator '

3) Now enter a number "No. Of Fixed Columns " field (Note: Table control in P7D has 65 columns, so enter a number greater than that)

- It will throw error as in the Screen.
- Shows the number of columns maintained.
So now you know the number of fields in the table control out here.

Stage 2 of analysis

1) Now use SE16 transaction and enter the table T162V

2) Now for VARIANTE, enter each of the variant values (0,1,2,3,4,5) and hit F8 to execute. You will see the following . In the screenshot below you see the number of entries for the variant 1 = 65 which is equal to the number of table control entries obtained in the stage 1 of analysis.

3) This has to be done for each of the variants (0, 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5) and verified if they are equal to the entries in the table control. There are 6 variants in this case.

4) If they are then not the same, the additional entries in T162V for each variant has to deleted as per the below document after comparison with the Table Control entries as seen in stage 1 of the analysis

1) Enter the Transaction Id /nsm31.
2) Enter the Table view – T162V.
3) Click on Display

4) Click on the Edit Mode ( Left Most Icon ).

5) Select the Fields and click on the Delete icon.

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From: Gyan Kumsimutt
Sent: Tuesday, August 04, 2009 2:45 AM
Subject: Customizing incorrectly maintained Message no. SE729

Dear All,
While making Service Order or SES, getting following message
Customizing incorrectly maintained
Message no. SE729
Although if I create & save, all postings are happening fine.

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