RE:[sap-log-mm] SD and mm query - goods return at a lower value

Posted by PeterDahl
on Aug 5 at 10:47 PM
Our planned process (we will have several types of used, plus uninspected and "core") is to utilize Split Valuation. That way the MAP is applied only to a specific valuation type and not to all. Of course that means you can't just do a return, as that would simply use the Issue value and valuation type. It does, however, allow you to keep using the same SKU.

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Subject: SD and mm query - goods return at a lower value

I got this query from the business. They need to process a customer return in SD but at a lower price as we would assume that the item has already been used. The company is using moving average cost so if we process a return then the cost of the returned goods would affect the cost of the entire product code.
Appreciate it if anyone can suggest something on this.

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