[sap-log-mm] ORDRSP idoc user exit exit_sapleinm_007

Posted by rakz19
on Jul 20 at 10:12 PM
I have problem with inbound EDI for po acknowledgment(855) ,message type used ordrsp process code ORDR and basic type is orders05 and function idoc_input_ordrsp.
Vendor is sending only vendor material number (IDTNR) and qualifier 002 is used. During IDOC processing I am using user exit exit_sapleinm_007 to get the SAP material number based on Purchase order number.
In user exit I am trying to collect the SAP number based on vendor number (IDTNR)and purchase order from EKPO table.

When processing the segment E1EDP19 using the exit_sapleinm_007, I am unable to pass the PO number (EBELN) and therefore I am unable to extract the corresponding SAP number (Customer Number), which resulted in failure of IDOC.

IDOC error message : Material number differs from the ordered material number.

Purchase order (EBELN) is present in segment E1EDP02 and this segment is processed before E1EDP19.

I am not sure how this can be resolved? Is their any other user exit that can be used for ORDRSP idoc in extracting SAP number (customer material number) from vendor material number (IDTNR)
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