[sap-log-mm] Create stock at customer, W stock

Posted by rory.goodwin
on Jul 1 at 1:53 PM
Does anyone know a way to create W stock as easily as you can remove it? I have tried several methods and it seems that the ONLY way to create W stock is to use a Fill-up order. The go-live activity (e.g. mvmt 561 or the equivalent) is no longer available. Assume that you accidentally zero-counted a material at a customer. How can you get it back? You can count to zero, increase or decrease stock using MI10 or MIW1 but if a material does not exist in W stock, you cannot create it, you must do a 2 step process of creating it in own stock and then use a Fill-up order to transfer it to customer/W stock. Am I missing something? If not, is there a logical reason?
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