RE:[sap-log-mm] MRP types V1 and V2 - how's the MRP handeling them ?

Posted by Manjaya
on Jul 13 at 7:27 AM
Are you looking any specific MRP type or V1/V2. For any MRP run for a material, two basic requirements are MRP views should be created and MRP type should not be ND (no planning) in material master.
MRP type V1 and V2 are very similar to VB (manual reorder point planning) and VM (automatic reorder point planning) respectively, VB and VM do not include external requirement such as sales order and reservation in reorder point calculation whereas V1 and V2 include the external requirements.
In manual reorder point, you need to define the reorder point and safety stock, whereas automatic reorder point, SAP calculates/estimates the point using the historical consumption data.


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Subject: MRP types V1 and V2 - how's the MRP handeling them ?

Hello together,
I would like to know wich is the difference between the MRP types V1 and V2 - more precisely, how's the MRP handeling each one ?

I work wit 2 types of Bills Of Material:
- BOM''s with 1 level - where all the components are visible on 1 level.
- BOM's with more levels

My goal, would be to find out wich MRP type is the best for the raw materials that are being part of each type of BOM (with single level or multi level).

Many thanks

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