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Posted by PeterDahl
on Jul 30 at 7:32 PM
Paul, yes, I think so ... while the Material Master does not define vendors ... it does use - in the Purchasing tab - Manufacturers. Manufacturers are, unfortunately, a subset of the Vendor Master (account type MNFR).

I need to get several hundred (or more) Manufacturers set up for my Material Masters ... and that means getting a template that defines the "absolutely mandatory" fields for defining a Manufacturer.

One thing I am NOT in the slightest interested in is actual Vendors ... for some strange reason the client has left that task completely in the Financial tracks jurisdiction.

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From: Peter Dahl
Sent: Thursday, July 28, 2011 9:20 AM
Subject: MNFR (manufacturer account group) mandatory fields

folks, I've finally managed to get the ear of the right people to get proper Manufacturer master data created in the Vendor Master.
Hopefully someone can help -- currently I have only the Vendor Master template we've been using for Purchasing Vendors. That template doesn't define the mandatory fields required for MNFR records.
As I recall, this is a skeleton that merely helps to provide a single ID for each manufacturer that we need for Material Master and Equipment Master records.
Can someone point me to where I can find the Mandatory/Optional data required to complete a MNFR record?

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