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Posted by mairymano (Software Engineer)
on Jul 30 at 10:43 AM
Hi Mahboub,

There is another solution:
1. You can make a storage location named as "in Transit" (temporary
2. When goods are on shipping, receive the vehicles in "in Transit", this
will help to monitor the quantity in shipping.
3. Receive the material in your warehouse when you receive actually.


Best Regards,

Humaira Aslam Chughtai
SAP MM Consultant
ICI Paints, Pakistan

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I'm from Egypt and I work in Automotive industry as an costing accountant, we buy vehicles from many foreign countries but we only record the goods receipt when units physically arrives at the warehouse, although ownership of these units are from shipping date. How can I record the ownership while it's onboard.

All of you are doing a very good help.

Thanks and best regards,
Mohamad Mahboub

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