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Posted by kalyan (MM Consultant)
on Jul 9 at 11:09 AM
Hi Dear

The Allowed Valuation class for the Material types are assigned to Material
type through Account Category reference.
and also the allowable Price control for the Material type are defined in
the system through configuration

So what happens when u upload material master, you need to choose the Material
type. So according to the Material type chosen, the Valuation class will be
displayed for selection and allowable Price control.

For review, please refer SPRO-Logisic General-Material Master-Basic
Setting-Material types-Define Attributes for Material type (OMS2)


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From: jayminjani
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Subject: Material type

Dear MM gurus,

Is it possible to fix the valuation class and the price control material type wise.When i am going for uploadation of the valuation class and price control in the accounting view for specific material then system allow me to take only the specific valuation class and price control.If i put the other valuation class then system give error that "not valid valuation class".


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