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Posted by shirishdeshpande
on Jun 24 at 8:33 AM
Dear Anu,

Please follow the steps:
1. Create a Info record for Vendor+material+plant+purchasing org and select consignment (T/c ME11). Put here correct excise tax code on which excise rates maintained.
2. Maintain J1ID for material and vendor
3. Make PO / SA with "K" Item category
4. Make GR 101K and see.



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From: anuragdwivedi
Sent: Saturday, July 29, 2006 11:24 AM
Subject: Consignment Purchase

Hi Gurus,
Can anybody help me out.
I want to make a purchase via consignment item catagory.
I could be able to make PO and GRN, but when i capture Excise Invoice via J1IEX, no base value is getting copied since PO does not have any value.
Now if i enter a base value manually , system is shwoing a dump error.
Can anybody tell me how to capture Excise Invoice for consignment purchase.
Thanks in Advance.

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